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Facilities Assistant – 9 month fixed term contract

£30,000 full time equivalent


As a Facilities Assistant specialising in office moves, you will play a crucial role in coordinating and executing the relocation of our office space. Your responsibilities will include planning and organising the move, overseeing logistics, and ensuring a seamless transition to the new location. This role requires excellent organisational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively with various stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Pre-Move Planning:
    • Collaborate with the Facilities Manager and other relevant departments to establish a clear timeline and objectives for the office move.
    • Conduct site visits to the new location to assess space, layout, and infrastructure requirements.
    • Create a detailed project plan outlining tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines.
  1. Logistics Management:
    • Coordinate the procurement and delivery of packing materials, moving equipment, and any necessary supplies.
    • Oversee the inventory, labelling, and packing of office equipment, furniture, and materials.
    • Arrange for transportation and logistics services, including booking moving trucks and managing schedules.
  1. Communication and Coordination:
    • Serve as the main point of contact for employees and departments regarding the move.
    • Communicate the move plan, timelines, and guidelines to all staff members.
    • Address employee concerns and provide guidance on packing and labelling personal belongings.
  1. Vendor Management:
    • Coordinate with external vendors, such as movers and IT specialists, to ensure a smooth transition of equipment and services.
    • Verify vendor contracts, negotiate pricing, and monitor vendor performance.
  1. IT and Infrastructure:
    • Collaborate with the IT department to plan the relocation of computer systems, servers, and network infrastructure.
    • Ensure that all necessary IT connections are established at the new location.
  1. Health and Safety:
    • Develop and implement safety protocols for the move, including the safe handling of heavy equipment and chemicals.
    • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations during the move.
  1. Post-Move Support:
    • Conduct post-move inspections to identify and resolve any issues or concerns.
    • Assist with unpacking and setting up workstations in the new office space.
    • Provide ongoing support to employees as they settle into the new location.
  1. Budget Management:
    • Monitor and control expenses related to the office move within the allocated budget.
    • Maintain accurate records of all expenses and submit financial reports as required.


  • Previous experience in facilities management, office moves, or project management is preferred.
  • Strong organizational and planning skills with an attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team.
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations related to office moves.
  • Proficiency in using office software and project management tools.
  • Physical ability to lift and move heavy objects if required.
  • Problem-solving skills and adaptability to handle unexpected challenges during the move.

This Facilities Assistant position is a temporary role focused on facilitating a successful office move. The individual in this role should be flexible, adaptable, and capable of working under pressure to ensure a seamless transition for the organisation and its employees.

For more information please contact Alice Dale on 01905 783352 or email [email protected]

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