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Fueling Innovation with Top IT Talent in Cheltenham’s Vibrant Tech Hub


Cheltenham’s thriving tech scene demands a recruitment partner that understands the intricate ecosystem of the city and the specific needs of its businesses. Four Squared Recruitment, your local Cheltenham IT recruitment specialists, bridge the gap between your organisation’s vision and the highly skilled talent that drives it forward. We offer comprehensive solutions to build high-performing IT teams, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve within Cheltenham’s dynamic and innovative tech environment.

Why Choose Four Squared for IT Recruitment in Cheltenham?

Local Expertise & Deep Technology Understanding

Our Cheltenham-based team comprises seasoned IT recruitment specialists with their fingers on the pulse of the local talent pool and the ever-evolving IT landscape. We stay informed about the latest technologies, trends, and skill requirements across various IT domains, such as software development, cybersecurity, data science, and more.

This deep understanding allows us to connect you with the perfect talent, regardless of whether they are actively seeking new opportunities or require a targeted approach.

Targeted Sourcing Strategies Tailored to Cheltenham

We leverage an extensive network built within the Cheltenham tech community, including industry events, online communities, and partnerships with local universities like the University of Gloucestershire. Additionally, we utilise advanced sourcing techniques and a data-driven approach to identify top IT talent, including passive candidates who possess the critical skills you need. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that you have access to the most talented individuals in the Cheltenham area, maximising your chances of finding the ideal candidate for your specific needs.

Seamless Candidate Matching

We go beyond just technical qualifications. In-depth assessments, behavioural interviews, and cultural fit evaluations are crucial aspects of our recruitment process. We ensure we match candidates not only to your specific skill requirements but also to your unique team dynamics and company culture, fostering long-term success within the collaborative and innovative environment of Cheltenham’s tech scene. 

This personalised approach ensures that your new team member integrates seamlessly, contributing to your organisation’s success from day one.

Streamlined & Efficient Cheltenham Recruitment Process

Dedicated account managers, efficient procedures, and regular progress updates are hallmarks of our service. We ensure clear communication throughout the entire recruitment journey, minimising time delays and keeping you informed every step of the way. This allows you to focus on your core business activities while we handle the challenging task of finding the perfect IT talent for your needs.

Proven Track Record of Success in Cheltenham

We boast a high success rate in securing the right candidates for our Cheltenham clients’ diverse IT needs. Long-term client relationships and positive testimonials from satisfied organisations in Cheltenham. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Cheltenham tech scene, and our proven track record demonstrates our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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IT Roles We Specialise In

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We understand the diverse needs of Cheltenham’s tech scene and offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services to help you find the perfect talent for various IT roles, including:

  • Software Development & Engineering: Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Mobile App Developers, QA Testers
  • Network & Security: Network Administrators, Security Analysts, Network Security Engineers
  • Business Analysis & Project Management: Business Analysts, Project Managers
  • Data & Analytics: Data Analysts, Database Administrators
  • IT Support & Administration: IT Support Specialists, System Administrators

Beyond these core roles, we also specialise in recruiting for several other positions within Cheltenham’s IT landscape, including:

  • Cloud Architects
  • DevOps Engineers
  • User Experience (UX) Designers
  • Cybersecurity Specialists
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Trainers

By partnering with Four Squared Recruitment, you have access to a vast pool of qualified IT professionals across various roles and specialisations. We can help you find the specific talent you need to achieve your IT goals and drive business success within the vibrant and innovative tech ecosystem of Cheltenham.

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Looking for Your Dream IT Job in Cheltenham?

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If you’re a skilled IT professional seeking your next career opportunity within Cheltenham’s thriving tech hub, Four Squared Recruitment can help. We offer:

  • Expert career guidance tailored to the Cheltenham market, including insights into local industry trends and career opportunities.
  • Personalised CV review and optimisation to showcase your skills effectively to Cheltenham employers.
  • Access to exclusive IT job postings in Cheltenham, connecting you with the most exciting opportunities in the city.
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Partner with Cheltenham's IT Recruitment Experts

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Contact Four Squared Recruitment today for a free consultation and discuss your specific IT recruitment needs in Cheltenham. Let’s unlock your organisation’s full potential and build your dream IT team together. Be a part of Cheltenham’s exciting tech story and contribute to the city’s continued innovation and growth!

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