Meet the Team

I like spending time with my family and squeezing in the occasional run and bike ride.

I dislike rudeness, there really is no need.

My Favourite Interview Question
How would your manager describe you?

Top Tip In Recruitment
It’s ok not to know the answer to something, it’s about how you deal with not knowing that matters.

Emma Richardson

Managing Director

Tel: 01905 783384

I like … Spending time with my family – Coaching U10s football

I dislike … Places with no mobile phone reception

Favourite Interview Question …Tell me about a time you completely failed

Top Recruitment Tip … Read as much news, blogs and insights about a company as possible. It’ll help you decide if it’s the right business for you and also help you make your interview questions/answers relevant. You’d be surprised how many people don’t do their homework!

Steven Jones


Tel: 01905 783352

I like PJ days with my kids watching movies with plenty of popcorn!

I dislike Not letting people know when you are going to be late …. and raw tomatoes!

My Favourite Interview Question
What are your goals for the future?

Top Tip In Recruitment

Make sure you research the company and have some sensible questions ready to ask during your interview.

Helen Sutherland

Finance Director

Tel: 01905 783352
[email protected]


I like long walks with my dog Buddy and cooking Asian food (especially thai) .

I dislike Bad table manners and people using their phones when you’re having a conversation with them

My Favourite Interview Question
What would you say your biggest weakness is?.

Top Tip In Recruitment
Listen to learn, not respond. Knowing exactly what your candidate and client want is paramount.

Alice Dale

Senior Executive Consultant

Tel: 07538 422805
[email protected]

I like Travel, and sport, and can usually be found travelling Europe watching football matches, or motorsport events – Half decent cook as well.

I dislike Cockiness, IT problems, and heavy traffic.

My Favourite Interview Question
If asked, how would your friends describe you?

Top Tip In Recruitment
What goes around comes around, always treat others with respect.

Ollie Jeffries

Senior Executive Consultant

Tel: 07983 150910

I likeSpending time with my family - Hot weather – Cooking and Good food

I dislikeCold weather – Traffic and Reptiles

Favourite Interview QuestionAmong the people you’ve worked with, who do you admire and why?

Top Recruitment TipAlways do research on the business before hand

Dani Hope

Recruitment Resourcer

Tel: 01905 783352

I like Skiing and pizza

I dislike Mrs Brown’s Boys

My Favourite Interview Question
What are you motivated by?

Top Tip In Recruitment
You only have one chance to make a first impression!

Emma Atwal

Senior Executive Consultant 

Tel: 01905 783352

I like …Spending time with my little boy, husband and dog mostly going for long walks or going on little adventure days out.

I dislike …People being rude

Favourite Interview Question …What would your partner say is your biggest strength and biggest weakness?

Top Recruitment Tip …Always be prepared, company research, check who you are meeting on LinkedIn and have a notepad and pen ready for all conversations/interviews.

Harriet Ali

Executive Consultant

Tel: 07498 418224

I like …Going out for food.

I dislike …bugs - especially spiders!

Favourite Interview Question …What motivates and drives you?

Top Recruitment Tip …Always be yourself!

Sophie Albutt

Executive Consultant – Temporary Division

Tel: 01905 783352

I like …Going on holidays and Italian food!

I dislikeBaked beans

Favourite Interview QuestionWhat do you do outside of work hours?

Top Recruitment TipHave three questions for the end that likely wont be answered during the interview eg- what do you love about working here?

Grace Hartwell

Executive Consultant 

Tel: 01905 783352

I like …People! Particularly my family and 2 kids who turn me into a big kid and my group of friends who always have my back and encourage and push me to be the best person I can. Oh and sunshine – I could always do with more of it in my life!

I disliketraffic and bad manners

Favourite Interview Question …How would your friends describe you? (I feel like this gives people permission to brag or be more positive than they usually would).

Top Recruitment Tip …Always ask open questions!

Kat Paterson-Browne

Senior Executive Consultant

Tel: 01905 975703

I like …going out with friends and hot weather

I dislikespiders

Favourite Interview Question …How would your friends describe you

Top Recruitment Tip …Always be yourself

Leah Faulkner

Administrative Apprentice

Tel: 01905 783352

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