Meet the Team

I like spending time with my family and squeezing in the occasional run and bike ride.

I dislike rudeness, there really is no need.

My Favourite Interview Question
How would your manager describe you?

Top Tip In Recruitment
It’s ok not to know the answer to something, it’s about how you deal with not knowing that matters.

Emma Richardson


Tel: 01905 783384
[email protected]com

I like photography and baking cakes.

I dislike horror films and cold weather.

My Favourite Interview Question
If there was one person on earth you could work with, who would it be and why?

Top Tip In Recruitment
Arriving 20 minutes early is as ill-prepared as arriving 20 minutes late, arrive on time!

Hannah Miller

Recruitment Resourcer

Tel: 01905 783352
[email protected]

I like long walks with my dog Buddy and cooking Asian food (especially thai) .

I dislike Bad table manners and people using their phones when you’re having a conversation with them

My Favourite Interview Question
What would you say your biggest weakness is?.

Top Tip In Recruitment
Listen to learn, not respond. Knowing exactly what your candidate and client want is paramount.

Alice Dale

Executive Consultant

Tel: 07538 422805
[email protected]

I like Travel, and sport, and can usually be found travelling Europe watching football matches, or motorsport events – Half decent cook as well.

I dislike Cockiness, IT problems, and heavy traffic.

My Favourite Interview Question
If asked, how would your friends describe you?

Top Tip In Recruitment
What goes around comes around, always treat others with respect.

Ollie Jeffries

Executive Consultant

Tel: 07983 150910
[email protected]

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